All Updates for Windows 7, 8, and 10

Kingston DataTraveler Thumb drive
Kingston DataTraveler Thumb drive

We have a thumb drive available to purchase that has all of the updates for Windows 7, 8 , and 10. Using the thumb drive for the updates will shave hours off of your update time. Right now, the average update time for all the Windows 7 updates is around 15 hours to start the download, with a high speed connection. The thumb drive will contain all updates for Security Essentials (Windows 7) and all the automated features for Windows.

To use the thumb drive to install your updates:

  1. Boot up computer.
  2. Plug in thumb drive into USB slot.
  3. Once the popup comes up on your screen, click to view files.
  4. Click on Update Installer (2nd one from the bottom of the list), then right click, Run As Administrator click.
  5. The computer will reboot itself several times during this process. Some updates require reboot so it can install additional updates.