How To Add Thermal Paste To The CPU

After a while, the thermal paste on the cpu can dry out. When this happens, it will start causing problems for the computer because it is a heat conductor. Every couple of years, you should check the paste. Especially if you start having heat problems with the computer. Some of the common symptoms would be blue screening, or the computer just turning off. Be extremely careful as you follow these instructions to replace the thermal paste.

  1. Remove screws from the back of the side panel, and take off panel.
  2. Blow out the dirt inside the computer.
  3. Lay down the computer. Unplug everything that you have attached to the computer. (Keyboard, power cord, printer cable, etc.)
  4. Locate the cpu fan. This will stick up from the motherboard quite a ways. This fan sits directly on top of the cpu to help dispense the heat. Sometimes, you may have to remove the RAM.
  5. Unplug the cpu fan from the motherboard.
  6. There will be a locking mechanism that you will have to unlock in order to be able to pull off the cpu fan. This can be several different things, some of them lock on one side, others will lock on two sides. You will need to figure out how to unlatch the fan. *Remember how you unlatch it, as you will have to put it back on the same way.
  7. Once you have it unlocked, remove the fan (Do Not Pull Up Directly on the fan, when removing the fan, be sure that you twist the fan to safely loosen the fan from the cpu.) Turn it over, and you should see the paste that is on the bottom of it. You will need to clean it off with Electrical Grade Contact Cleaner. It will take the paste off with little effort.
  8. Lay it down on the fan and let it dry.
  9. Next step is to remove the cpu from the motherboard to clean the old paste off of it. Be careful when you remove the cpu. There will be a locking bar that you will need to unfasten in order to remove the cpu. Once again, take off the old paste with the Electrical Grade Contact Cleaner.
  10. Once the cpu is dry put it back in the exact same way it came out. It lines up in a very specific way. Then secure the cpu by latching the bar back into place.
  11. Add the thermal paste to the top of the cpu, you will only need about the size of a dime.
  12. Attach the cpu fan back onto the top of the cpu. Fasten it all the way down with the locking mechanisms. Plug the cpu fan back into the motherboard.
  13. Now you can screw the side panel back on, and plug in all of your other components. Computer is ready to be used again.