How to check your power supply

Desktop Power Supply
Desktop Power Supply

Check the power supply. It is very important. Verify  your selector switch is set for country’s power voltage, whether it is 120 or 220. Utilizing a  power supply check tool, we will be using a Thermaltake, Dr. Power 2.  We are utilizing  this tool instead of a multi-meter because it is designed to put a load on the power supply. It is designed to read the unique voltages required by the different composites in your computer. Remove the  power supply connection from the motherboard. Wiggling gently as you remove connector, avoid pulling on wires as you will damage connector. Watch hand placement in tight spaces. Avoid using other components as leverage, as this will damage the other components.

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After you have the power supply disconnected from the motherboard , plug the power supply connection in to the bottom of our Thermaltake Dr. Power 2. This should snap in just like the connection  does on to the motherboard.
Remove a SATA/Molex power cable  from the back of your hard drive/cd rom. This will be a  cable that runs from you power supply to you hard drive and CD rom. Plug the SATA/Molex power cable in to the top of your Doctor 2 power supply tester. Plug your computer in.
Follow the instructions on your tester. In your power supply the tester is testing multiple sub circuit.