How To Install A Graphics Card To Desktop Computer

Basic install guide for installing a graphics card on any desktop computer. We recommend an extra graphics card with the new Windows 10. The graphics that come with the motherboard just do not seem to be enough. The computer should be powered off before install.

  1. Remove the side panel of the computer by unscrewing the two screws in the back. Keep these in a safe place, as you will have to put them back in once the install is complete.
  2. Blow out the dust and dirt that tend to settle into the computer. This will hopefully remove the dirt from the sockets in the motherboard and fans.
  3. Next, you will need to locate the slots for the graphics card. Normally this will be towards the bottom of the motherboard. Also, the slots can be a different color making them easier to find, but that just depends on what motherboard you have.
  4. Once you locate the slot for the graphics card, you must remove the panel from the back of the computer where the face of the graphics card will stick out. You will need to remove a screw on the side. Keep the screw, you will need it for securing the graphics card in later.
  5. After that plate is removed, there can be a connector to hold in the card. You will need to flip it back before you install the card. This little connector helps hold the card in place. It will be located at the end of the slot towards the inside of the computer.
  6. Once the connector is open, you need to line up the graphics card, and you can gently push it into place. The connector might make a sound once it is all the way in. That means it is locked into place. Just be sure that the card slid all the way into the socket. You need to replace the screw that you removed in step #4. It will go right back where you took it out from.
  7. Put the side panel back on, and reinstall the screws.

You can now power on your computer. The computer will most likely install the drivers for you during the booting stage. If not, then you will need to go to the manufactures website to install the drivers for your particular graphics card.