How to Use Command Line Function to Clean a Hard Drive

Cmd line Disk Clean
Cmd line Disk Clean
Cmd line Disk Clean
Cmd line Disk Clean

Formatting a hard drive isn’t the same as telling the computer that its a blank hard drive. Sometimes you need to perform a clean.  A clean function can recover lost portions of the hard drive that may of been lost during some type of electrical outage.  You will lose all the data but you won’t lose the expense hardware that you already spend money on.

AKA Recover Lost space on hard drive or thumb drive

If you find yourself reusing an old drive or you want to properly eliminate all data from a drive you need to perform a “clean” function.

Now most google searches of the hard drive clean will lead you to software that you pay for but most software you pay for it just an interface to what Windows already can do for you.

  1. Type CMD into your search area
  2. Right Click Run as administrator
  3. Type DISKPART
  4. Type List Disk
  5. Type Select Disk # (verify this disk number before you select it via Disk Management)
  6. Type Clean (Warning it will not ask if you are sure it will reset all flags and remove access to information.)

Now the disk is just like it came out of the box and is ready to be formatted, re-initialized, partitioned and formatted.