Restoring Windows 10 Upgraded Computer to Windows 7

Windows 10 screen
Windows 10 screen

When you install the Windows 10 upgrade, you have 30 days to make the decision to keep Windows 10 or uninstall the update. If you are past your 30 day mark, restoring the computer back to Windows 7 will take some time.

First step in restoring your computer back to Windows 7 is reloading your original software. If you do not have the Windows 7 software, we sale our version of the software. It is more secure than the average software package. Click here to view our software for sale.

Now, once you have downloaded the software, you must activate Windows. Type in your product key, and once Windows has successfully been activated you are one step closer. You must update Windows 7. All the updates have to be done before you can move Windows 7 to Windows 10. We sale a thumb drive with all of the Windows updates on it. With our thumb drive, you will shave hours off of your updating time. Click here to view our thumb drive with all of the updates.

The upgrade to Windows 10 will take anywhere from 15 to 18 hours all by itself. A direct load is a lot faster, but you will need to purchase a Windows 10 license for the direct load of the Windows 10 software. Click here to purchase Windows 10 license and software.

Once all the updates are done, you can now load the Windows 10 update. The computer must be on, and plugged in if it is a laptop because it will be running for a while.

When the screen comes up, Agree to the license terms.

On the next screen, select keep Windows settings and personal information. This will keep all of your documents and pictures on the computer.

Use Express Settings for setup.

Then it will start the actual load of the software.

Once the computer has been upgraded to Windows 10 fully, be sure you check your drivers for the computer. Not all of them will have loaded. Go to the manufactures website to get the drivers you are missing.

It is our recommendation to use Internet Explorer. If you go to the bottom right of the screen, click on the Windows Icon, when it comes up, type default programs in the search bar. This will bring up a list of programs on your computer on the left hand side. Go down to Internet Explorer, click that tab, and on the right side click the set to default link. Once you have set it to default, close out the window, go back to the windows icon on the bottom left and type in internet explorer. It will pull up the internet explorer app on the very top. Right click the icon and pin to start. This will place the icon link directly to the bottom of your computer screen for easy access. You can also delete the Edge icon at the bottom.